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AC Repairs are Needed with These
Common Air Conditioning Issues

Improper air conditioning operation is one of the biggest reasons as to why ac repairs are needed. As ac owners, we always want our ac to work efficiently. When your ac fails to do so, you tend to worry and that is common. In reality, many things could go wrong with your AC.  Air Right Away could take care of the following AC issues with top of the line AC repairs.

Firstly, one of the greatest issues with an air conditioning system is leaks; more specifically, refrigerant leaks. This type of leakage occurs because a refrigerant was undercharged. Simply adding refrigerant to the system will not solve a thing. This particular scenario required professional assistance as the refrigerant is what makes your ac’s performance and efficiency optimum.

Furthermore, improper air conditioning maintenance will cause you to need ac repairs sooner than expected.  When your ac gets dirty and its coils get filthy, then you can rest assure that your system will not run or work adequately. When we don’t give an AC proper maintenance, the compressors will begin to fail.

In addition, your system’s controls can begin to fail especially if you constantly switch the system off and on. In that same regard, corrosion in the wires and terminals is also a great issue in majority of systems.  When this is the issue, the problem should be addressed professionally.

Moreover, your air conditioning system can commence to give you sensor problems. A thermostat sensor is located in the back of the control panel and if knocked out of place, your ac can malfunction.

So, if your air conditioning system has encountered any of these issues, get in touch with our technicians from Air Right Away! We will save you both time and money on all  of your air conditioning installations, maintenance, and repairs.