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Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

When one installs air conditioning into their home, we expect it to cool the ambience on those hot summer days. But what happens when instead of producing cold air, the AC is blowing hot air? Having an AC that blows nothing but hot air is a huge problem- we know, which is why we bring this article to you today. If your AC has been blowing hot air lately and you want to know why and how to fix it, stay tuned

The first think you want to check with your AC before contacting air conditioning repair specialists, is to check the setting on your thermostat. When inspecting the thermostat, check if it is set on ether on or auto. If the thermostat is placed over on it means that the fan will remain on but isn’t actually cooling the household.  If the thermostat is set to on, we recommend you switch it to auto and hence you will see the blowing of hot air ceases and t is more energy efficient.

Furthermore, air conditioning repairs might not be required- it might just be debris clogging up the air filter.  Though air filters are there to protect the air conditioner from dust and other particles, leaving the same one on there for too long may become troublesome. So, maybe it is time to change it.

It might also be possible that you have a damaged condenser or a leak happening. When was the last time you gave your AC maintenance?

If after all is said and done, your AC is still blowing hot air, we recommend you contact a professional. Air Right Away can assist you with top of the line air conditioning repairs at affordable prices.  Call us now so we can get your AC running.