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Dangers of Dirty Air Conditioning

The air filter in your air conditioning system purifies the air that the system blows into your residence, but what happens when it is filthy? Many people don’t know this, but there are actually dangers of dirty air conditioning, and it begins by directly affecting your health. By cleaning your AC System, it is more efficient, and you prepare an environment with cleaner air. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of dirty air conditioning.

A dirty air filter produces clogged and dusty ducts, making it the ideal scenario for mold, bacteria, and spores to develop within all of the duct work.  You will potentially be breathing in all of these unwanted particles. Not to mention how dog hair, odors, and other things can get trapped in there too. A dirty air duct produces allergens like fungi, pollen, and other bacteria in your home’s air. All of this potentially leads up to fatigues, congestion, flus, sore throats, eyes and nose irritations, and more. A dirty air conditioning something is no joke and it presents a serious hazard to your health; it can even lead to infections.

We have seen how dirty air conditioning also causes Legionella bacteria and Legionnaire’s disease. This disease is similar to pneumonia and it causes headaches, body ache, high fever, chest pains, and even overall body pain. Who would’ve thought that a dirty AC System can cause all of that?

A dirty air conditioning system also gives foot to moisture being gained and that is where the growth of organisms occurs but natural matters like animals or plants, start to decompose.

Cleaning an AC isn’t a difficult task to complete at all, and it should definitely never be put on the back burner on the to do list.

If you haven’t cleansed your AC today, we recommend you get to it. Remember, Air Right Away is available 24/7 to tend to all of your AC needs.