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Help, My AC isn’t cooling!

During a hot summer day our only hope and element of comfort is either a pool or an AC- but mostly an AC. If lately your air conditioning has not been coming through for you lately and it is not cooling like it ought to then you might need to perform some AC repairsThere are several reasons as to why your AC is not cooling and this article will help you come to the root of the problem. If after trying all of the AC Repairs listed here, your AC still doesn’t cool then you will need to contact a professional technician in order to properly diagnose the issue with your AC.

The first reason as to why your AC may not be cooling may be directly linked to the thermostat.  This issue can be easily addressed as all you need to do is get your thermostat in the correct settings hence no concrete AC Repairsare required. Your AC should be set to auto because if it is set to on the indoor blower will proceed to blowing air in the home even if the air isn’t cool.

Furthermore, if the problem with your Ac is more than the thermostat setting, then you need to proceed to checking the filter. A filthy air filter will prevent airflow from occurring therefore one must have it changed periodically.

Another important thing you must take conscience of is how often you clean your AC. When was the last time that you cleaned your AC? Your AC must always be clean and free from debris for health and safety reasons but as well, functionality.

When you get your home ac repair done by the professionals at Air Right Away, the AC repair cost is the minimum. Contact our professionals today to get that cool air up and running and so that you can save money in the process.

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