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Why is My HVAC System So Loud?

An HVAC System is a complex piece of equipment. Because this system has so many parts that interact with one another, it might be quite difficult to pin point as to why your HVAC System is being so loud. There are endless possibilities as to why your HVAC System is making all of that ruckus. Let’s go ahead and focus on some of the most common reasons why your HVAC might be getting a bit too noisy to bear.

Generally speaking, when your AC system is making weird noises out of nowhere, then you need to be aware that this is a terrible sign. Sure, you can attempt to go about fixing the AC on your own, but this is not recommended- if you want a HVAC system to stop making noise, then getting the task handled professionally is always the best way to go.  With a professional technicians, that noisy system is an easy fix.

Figuring out why you have a noisy air conditioning system begins with you forming an idea of where exactly the sound is coming from. In order to come to a consensus of where the noise is coming from, you do need to have some knowledge on AC system basics- if not, just hire a professional HVAC system inspection.

Typically, an HVAC system will begin to produce a lot of noise whenever the following factors are present:

  • Fan Motor Squeaking
  • Faulty Air Filter
  • Bearing Failure
  • Imbalance on AC Blade
  • Rattling air duct

For any problems regarding your HVAC system, it is always a better idea to get professional insight and solutions. Pay attention to the type of noise that is being emitted.

  • Squeaking- usually caused by the need of lubricant on the bearing, or a dirty fan blade.
  • Rattling- most likely a loose panel or ac duct
  • Grinding- this is a more serious noise to look out for as this can mean that the bearing is about to fail
  • Hissing- very serious situation.

If you have a doubt about the noise that your system is making, contact Air Right Away today!