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A Loud Air Conditioner: How to Fix It

Why is my air conditioning so loud? Here is some good news: the loud noise coming from your air conditioner has a cure.  The cause for a loud air conditioner can be multiple reasons and it really depends on the type of unit that you have. The noises- – although common- – should never be ignored as they are almost always a sign of something that has gone wrong or it is in the process of getting damaged.

The type of noise that your air conditioner has may be helpful in diagnosing the nature or root of the problem. If you ignore the loud noise coming from the air conditioner, the problem can worsen and to a point where no repair can fix it or it will be too pricey to repair it.  Today we will focus on some of the most common noise sources in your air conditioning unit and what you need to do.

The loud noise coming from your air conditioning ay be a noisy fan. What do you do? Well, you need to properly clean the fan and maintain it. It is typically the fan is the noise is more of a hum, or a rattle like sound. Pen the air conditioner cabinet and locate the fan; if there is no debris, check to see if the fan is loose.

Another source of loud noises may be the lack of lubrication in your AC motor. The noise will be more like a grinding sound if this is the issue.

Another source of loud noise in your air conditioning may be loose screws. Loose screws cause a vibration to occur and to fix this all you need is a screwdriver.

Although these are the most common sources of why your ac is loud and noisy, it is always best that you get an expert on site to see what the real issue is and to provide you with a solution. If you need an expert, count on Air Right Away.