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Lower Heating Costs

Heating is a common household element that we use for extra home comfort. The truth of the matter though is that heating sometimes can get quite costly. According to consumer reports, a common household can spend up to $650 during cold seasons on natural gas. Because we know that heating is a necessity a times, and you don’t want to overspend, here is how you can lower your heating costs.  Today we will talk about how to lower your heating costs in a few easy steps.

Lowering your heating costs with steps as simple as replacing your stripping around the doors and windows of your property. Heat loss occurs around windows and doors up to 15% of the time. Sure, turning up the furnace will fix the issue but only temporarily. Weather stripping your windows and doors requires a change every 3 to 4 years and it is truly inexpensive an in the long run it is energy efficient.

If you want to lower your heating costs another thing you can do is to reverse your ceiling fan. Now, this may seem odd at first but we guarantee it works. Ceiling fans have a hidden benefit that only a few people are aware of. It works like this; a ceiling fan usually has areverse button on its main component. Because hot air usually rises towards the ceiling, a fan rotating in reverse will actually push the air down the walls hence the warmth will be distributed and you will use your unit a lot less.

You can also lower your heating costs by using plastic film on your doors and windows. Plastic film has the advantage of reflecting the sun’s heat during hot summer days which will keep a home nice and cool but as well serves the dual function of reducing heat loss through doors and windows. Heat can be reduced up to 45% if you use plastic film for windows and door in your property.

If you want to lower heating costs, follow these simple but effective strategies.