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How Much Does Installing an Air Conditioner Cost?

Air conditioner cost varies. Though there are many factors that go into deciding air conditioner prices, one thing is for certain, AC installation is a must especially on those hot summer days where the sun is beaming down. If you have been thinking about investing in a top of the line air conditioning system but would like to know around how much it will cost you, this article is for you. Today we will answer your million dollar question,” How much does installing an air conditioner cost?”

When trying to figure out costs for an air conditioning system, there are some factors that one must consider. These are the factors that might determine the totality of your AC installation:

  • Your House Size and Dimension

There are systems of all sizes hence the bigger ones will cost you a lot more. An air conditioning system is typically measured in tons and this is a measure in which experts calculate the ability of the system to cool your estate.

  • Will you need new duct work?
  • How much time will the technician invest?
  • What time of equipment are you getting installed?

There are multiple HVAC system brands- to name two we have Carrier and Whirlpool. Though both are equally as efficient, there is always a brand that is going to be pricier than the other. When we take a look at HVAC systems from Carrier, we are looking at systems that sell for up to $2,500. The point to all of this being, that the type of equipment that you have installed will surely impact the ac installation cost.

Generally and like mentioned prior, the prices vary but whenever you chose to get AC installation from Air Right Away, the air conditioner cost is always minimum. Get in touch with our professionals today to schedule your appointment. A free estimate is available upon your request with Air Right Away.