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What is regularly done on a/c maintenance?

Even a Ferrari needs a tune up every now and then, an A/C unit is not the exception. Residential air conditioningservice is very important to keep the a/c unit working as it should be and this will also give it an everlasting lifetime. What should any experience a/c technician need to do on a residential air conditioning maintenance service? First we always check if it has the correct amount of refrigerant and by using a leak detector, check for any refrigerant leaks. After that, through the evaporator coil we need to measure the airflow.  After that, we always check the electric system of the unit; this is verifying the electric control sequence to make sure both heating and cooling systems are working accordingly. The oiling of the motors is very important; we always oil the motors and check that the belts of the unit have the right pressure in them. Last but not least, we always check that the thermostat is working properly and indicating the right temperature. These are the common checkups for a residential air conditioning service. Replacing and changing the A/C filters is a very serious and must task for any residential air conditioning maintenance.  We always recommend that any maintenance procedure done to an a/c unit needs to be developed by someone who has many years of experience. Here in Air Right Away Inc. we keep our staff well trained and equipped with the best tools to provide an A-Class a/c unit maintenance service. We have the required training and experience to deliver the best results for your home. For Residential air conditioning service and maintenance your best choice is Air Right Away Inc. Call us now and schedule a visit, all of our estimates are completely free.