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Tips to efficiently use the air conditioning
during this coming season!

For this entry Air Right Away brings you efficient tips to care for your air conditioning equipment; in some areas of Broward and Miami Dade due to the high temperatures that occur in summer the consuming of air conditioning increases and demands more on cooling provided by the equipment. As well as also peaking the electricity builds to its highest level of consumption. So keep reading and get your air conditioning efficiency tips.

When in need of air conditioning efficiency, there are a couple of follows ups you could use while using it, this will allow you to make more efficient use of air conditioning equipment with practices focusing on saving energy and also bettering the performance of equipment use.

Be advised by a professional in the field like Air Right Away for air conditioning efficiency, besides knowing the characteristics of installing your air conditioning equipment we will help you make key decisions such as housing weather conditions where the location of your installation must be due to the orientation of the room, and the degree of isolation of the property.

Energy labeling! For your air conditioning efficiency this purposes special attention to energy saving properties for your device as it can be difference up to 60% less consumption of energy. The energy label for air conditioner includes information concerning: Annual power consumption, cooling capacity and EER / COP, or coefficients of energy efficiency in heating and cooling, respectively and establishes two measures of efficiency, heat and cold modes.

At Air Right Away we care for your well being and your investment for your air conditioning efficiency. We advise you to not adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature than normally done. This measure fails to cool the house faster, but it is highly related to energy waste. It is more effective to cool the house progressively maintaining a temperature for optimum comfort. We hope that this serves helpful for the upcoming seasons and keep coming back for more tips!